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*Please be reminded that all of the requested information is required in order for the association to take action on your complaint. No action can be taken without this completed form. By law, the Home Owners Association can only take action on violations of the association’s Covenants and Restrictions, Rules and Regulations or Bylaws. Please take a moment to review those documents to ensure that your complaint is addressed in one or all of those documents. Thank you for your concern for the community.
It is understood that the information contained on this document is for Association use only and kept on file at the principle office of the Association. The identity of the complaining party will be kept confidential as long as the respondent complies with requirements to be met as set out by the BOD, however; if the respondent asks for an appeal hearing (when called for by the governing documents), and the reason(S) for an appeal request are agreed to by the BOD, the complaining party will be required to attend the appeal hearing and provide all of the information that established the basis for the original complaint. The information contained in this form may also be released to the court, local officials, governmental agencies or Law Enforcement Officers in the performance of their respective duties if requested. The association may use this information in order to defend itself, board members, committee members, management personnel, their agents or employees in any legal proceeding or to advert legal proceedings either criminal or civil or for any other purpose determined to be necessary by the Board of Directors.

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